A drone photograph of Iowa State's campus. In view is the Memorial Union, Campanile, and the many trees on campus

Division of Student Affairs

    We create learning experiences for students that promote growth, development and personal and academic success. Our outstanding programs and services support all students to excel at Iowa State and beyond.

    Dr. Toyia Younger, Senior Vice President for Student Affairs

    Empower students, inspire success

    Student success, development, and engagement

    We are leaders on campus who understand that learning happens everywhere. This includes infusing learning into employment and engagement opportunities so students can develop and enhance skills to take with them into the workforce. By recognizing the uniqueness of each student, we meet them where they are in their own development and create rich and diverse sets of opportunities for students to connect anywhere on campus. We actively work to build a co-curriculum that fosters academic, social, and personal success among students to realize their potential and make a difference in their community and society.

    Principles of Community

    We embrace Iowa State University’s Principles of Community: Respect, Purpose, Cooperation, Richness of Diversity, Freedom of Discrimination, Honest and Respectful Expression of Ideas. These principles serve as a critical foundation to our programs, services, resources, and spaces so Cyclones can feel comfortable exploring and creating community wherever life may lead.

    Holistic wellbeing

    Our programs and services support all dimensions of wellbeing: physical, emotional, intellectual, financial, environmental, occupational, social, and spiritual. We are accessible and responsive to student and employee needs, minimize barriers that inhibit effective learning, and work to be a Health Promoting University.

    Efficiency and innovation

    We are committed to providing efficient and effective operational and financial strategies that enhance the student and employee experience at Iowa State University. We create innovative programs and services that provide value and growth for each unit, the division, and the institution. We share successes and outcomes with the community, encourage transparency, and invite discussion about where we can enhance our work.