The Office of Assessment, Research, and Divisional Effectiveness in the Division of Student Affairs leads systematic and integrated efforts to explore the effect of student affairs programs, services, and operations on students and student-level outcomes. 

Work with us

Working with the Office of Assessment, Research and Divisional Effectiveness (OARDE) is easy. You are encouraged to use our project request form below or email one of the staff. One of the team members will reach out regarding your project expectations, timeline, and other important details. We are happy to help with all different kinds of assessment, research, and divisional effectiveness projects! Projects we can help with include but are not limited to surveys, focus groups, data requests, training related to assessment, CCLD or CRC related items, data analysis, and research projects. If you have something in mind but aren't sure if we can help, reach out anyway. We're always excited to tackle something new. 

Campus surveys

Planning to send out a survey? We want to know about it...and we can help it be successful.


The purpose of assessment within the Division of Student Affairs is:

  • To illustrate what it is that we do;
  • To demonstrate why we do what we do;
  • To show how well we do it (or don’t do it);
  • To ensure we are doing it well (e.g., having an effect, moving needles, improving learning);
  • To identify areas for change, improvement, or growth;
  • To determine if changes, improvements, or growth actions actually worked;
  • To inform policy and practice; and,
  • To directly articulate how the Division of Student Affairs contributes to the learning mission of Iowa State University.


The Office of Student Affairs Assessment, Research, and Divisional Effectiveness strives to provide information about the growth and development of ISU students through:

  • transparency in data collection, use, and reporting;
  • assessment processes integrated into programmatic and service offerings;
  • research efforts that provide insight into and evidence of the effect of student affairs on enrolled students and alumni;
  • inclusive collection and analysis of data so that no individuals or groups are disadvantaged or excluded; and,
  • ensuring that Division of Student Affairs efforts are centered on the student and the academic mission of creating, sharing, and applying knowledge to improve the world.